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This page is a work in progress.  It is a library of various hula hooping tricks to be used as a reference while you are teaching yourself moves at home.  If you know of others that have been useful to you, please let me know.  =)  All of the videos are found on youtube or vimeo.  Make sure to sign up for a youtube account and add these great hoopers to your favourites and subscribe to them so you can receive their latest videos.

Also, please let me know if you use a different name or terminology for a move.  That will help others locate the hula hoop tutorials they are looking for.

For Multiple Hooping moves or Mini Hoop Tutorials skip down to the bottom of this page.

Across the Back Roll
Across the Chest Roll
Ankle Hooping
Back Isolation
Behind the Back Vertical Hooping
Behind the Back Pass
Cat Eyes
Chest Hooping

Chest Reversals

Duck in and Drop On
Elbow Attack
Foot Pass
Hand Hooping

Horizontal Elbow Pass (Bunny Ears)
Horizontal Jump Through
Hula Hoop Dancing (Improvements to Dance and Flow)
Illusion Hula Hoop Trick
Jump Through
Knee Hooping
Knee to Waist Hooping
Leg Hooping
Neck Hooping
One Leg Hooping
One Shoulder Hooping

Pizza Toss
Shoulder Duck in and Duck Out
Shoulder Hooping
Shoulder Pop
Surface Switching
Sustained Spinning
Tuck Toss
Vertical Back Roll
Vertical Barrel Roll
Vertical Chest Hooping
Vertical Shoulder Duck Out
Vertical Step Through

Waist Lifts
Waist to Neck
Walking While Hooping

Multiple and Mini Hooping Tutorials

Five Beat Weave
Thread the Needle
Three Beat Weave
Twin Elbow Pass


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