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How to Make a Weighted Hula Hoop

How to Make a Weighted Hula Hoop (and collapsible if you prefer)

There are now many different types of hula hoops out there.  You can purchase handmade hula hoops, you can purchase factory made hula hoops, even LED hoops and Fire Hoops.  This hula hoop making tutorial will teach you how to make a weighted hula hoop.   It will also cover how to make an infinity style collapsible hula hoop.  Please email me or leave a comment with any questions you may have.

If this has been helpful to you, please leave a comment at the bottom.  Feel free to share a photo once you have made your hoop!  :)

Items you need are:

Tubing – Up to 15 feet depending on the size of hoop
PVC Cutters (or a hacksaw)
1 PVC Couplings (2 if you are making a collapsible hoop)
Hair Dryer or Bucket of hot water
Optional – Tape to decorate hoop

First you need to find irrigation tubing.  You can find this at many hardware stores, but not all will have it during all seasons.  This is about to get very technical, but do not be afraid to ask for help at the hardware store.  Basically, you need to go the plumbing area of the hardware store and look for PVC tubing.  The tubing you want to purchase is 3/4 inch to 1 inch.  Another factor is the PSI or Per Square Inch.  The higher this number, the more rigid the tubing.  Do not purchase anything under 100 PSI or you risk building a hoop that is too light and too flimsy to be useful.  You can go up to a PSI of 160 but remember that the higher the PSI, the heavier the hoop.  My personal favourite is 3/4 inch diameter and 100 PSI.

Hula Hoop Tubing

Tubing is sold in some stores by the foot and in other stores they will have a minimum amount which is usually 100 feet and sometimes it’s 1000 feet.

Next you need to determine the size of your hula hoop and you can do that by reading Hula Hoop Sizing.  Once you know the size you desire you need to cut the tubing.  This can be done by using a hacksaw or other cutting device but my absolute favourite and the easiest way to do it is by using PVC cutters.  You can find these sold at various hardware stores.  I think I paid $17 for mine and it now takes me 5 seconds to cut my tubing instead of 5 minutes and a mess using the hack saw.  Honestly, I cut my knuckles every time I tried to cut with the damn hacksaw.

PVC Cutters on Hula Hoop Tubing

It takes  two cuts to get the necessary pieces to make a collapsible hoop.  The two pieces will be identical in size.  If you are are just making a regular hoop, you can skip this step.

Hula hoop Tubing Cut

The next step is to choose the couplings you will use to connect the two pieces of hoop.  In order to select the couplings you need to know the size of the PVC tubing.  If the tubing is 3/4 inch you need to purchase that size of coupling.

If the tubing is 1 inch, make sure you pick up the 1 inch coupling.  These should be located close in the store to the PVC piping.  If the store does not have couplings, you can actually take a piece of the piping about 6 – 8 inches long and slit it on one size.  Take this piece and insert it into the pieces of tubing rather than the couplings.  Another alternative is to use a smaller sized tubing, but I have always found it difficult to find tubing that fits inside snuggly.

Hula Hoop Couplings

At this point you might need to use either a hair dryer or a bucket of hot water to heat up the ends of the tubing.  This makes the tubing more malleable and much easier to insert the couplings.  Complete this with both pieces of PCV piping and the couplings.

Making hula hoop tubing malleable

You have now made a Weighted Hula Hoop!  Congrats!!

If you are unsure about collapsing your hula hoop.  Visit the picture tutorial at How to Collapse an Infinity Style Hula Hoop.


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